Desperate for fame comes at a cost

Armon Wiggins story has come full circle and it looks like he tricked social media into believing he was disciplined for his arrogant and reckless attack against TS Madison on his social media platforms. It was all a strategic hoax to become trending on the World Wide Web but at what cost? To be honest, he doesn’t even know if Madison was speaking on him. He tried to taint her reputation but the grave he dug, has one foot already in it.

The prank proved he is hungry for fame, attention and notoriety at any cost but who wants to work with someone who is not politically polished for the industry? What happened to hard work and rubbing shoulders with the right people? Instead of looking at this awkward move as strategic for his career, I see it more as an impromptu audition for Love Hip Hop series where mess and negativity go hand in hand to keep your job.

This year has been a very bad year for the LGBTQ community as transgenders are being murdered on a regular basis. The transphobic and homophobic rants he spewed created a hostile environment towards a positive movement of freedom of speech and congregation. Madison has an established reputation and is well respected amongst her peers. Madison has received numerous awards for her participation in promoting inspiration and motivation as well as philanthropy. Respect is demanded when your awards shelf does not match that of your rival.

Society today is different than it was many years ago. In this day and age, pissing off the wrong person could dictate where you stand at an event; against the wall in the foyer or outside on the sidewalk as celebrities stroll in.

He may want to bring his umbrella next time.