Criminal activity on YouTube

YouTube is a platform where you can share precious moments, hobbies or gossip about celebrities or your own family.  However, there is a sector of YouTube where criminal activity runs rampant.

Many of the content creators indicate they report on YouTube news but it’s really a report of what’s happening on someone else’s channel.  This particular sector of YouTube seems to not get along with other content creators in the same sector and they use their platform to talk bad about others.  Sometimes, they take it further to the point people have to go to the police because their lives have been threatened.  Restraining orders have been obtained due to threats of violence against children.  Child Protective Services and Adult Protect Services have been called and asked to check on certain youtubers because they’ve been accused of abusing or neglecting children and adults.

Revenge, in this sector, is played out with physical threats of violence against adults, children, animals, harassment as well as doxxing.  Doxxing has been defined as “…search for and publish private or identifying information about (a particular individual) on the internet, typically with malicious intent.”  Doxxing is very serious as there are reports of recordings of individuals following people’s children while at school.  There are even reports of adults being followed and recorded and then posted online to let the individual know they’ve been followed.  Most of the time this information has been obtained by using public sites, however, there is usually fine print that says you won’t use the information to break the law.  So when people obtain the information then publicize it, that usually involves breaking the law and is possible a federal law as cyber-bullying is something handled by the Federal Bureau of Investigations.

The real question is how does someone get so upset with someone online that they don’t even know?  There can be several reasons and most of them include mental health issues.  Folks have revealed that they have been raped and molested as children, neglected, etc. and when people get upset with them, they immediately become hurt and try and hurt others.  They create and push go-fund me campaigns for different reasons and people openly give thinking the go-fund me will be used as intended but that’s not always the case.  These type of situations makes it hard for people that truly need help on the go-fund me but can’t receive it because people no longer trust the efforts.

When you hit this adult sector, you will know exactly where you are and please note this is not where you want to be.  Please find other entertainment on YouTube because the last comment you made, could be the last comment you ever make.  I’ll tell you at a later time about the children sector that is not as safe as you thought.


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