Bish Let’s Dish: Where is Chef Holly?

Bish Let’s Dish is the revamped cooking show by TS Madison where her bae has woken up and is downstairs ready to cook. Bae, better known as Kvng David, is a tall glass of water that every girl wants to indulge in but he only has eyes for Madison! Between showing off his culinary skills to fighting the succubus off Madison, Kvng David has his work cut out for him.

But then one day, Chef Holly swoops in to add a diverse and exotic flavor to certain dishes and we have enjoyed her every time. The Queens Supreme Court has been on tour and moving between events and bookings all year long. No wonder they call it booked and busy. Because of their hectic schedules, we’ve not seen a show in a while, so when Chef Holly stepped into a live on Instagram, we were shocked to find that she will be joining the Bish Let’s Dish set yet again when they can sync their schedules.

Meanwhile, Chef Holly is booked and busy on the tastes of the world.

Well it’s so refreshing to see TS Madison patronizing and supporting black owned and operated businesses, no matter the gender. It’s also very special to hear them all speak endearing words of gratitude and kindness over TS Madison’s spirit and energy. And anyone who has met Miss Mary speaks nothing short of glory of her aura.

Chef Holly’s eyes were opened to Madison’s supporters as soon as the cameras started rolling. The Maddie Mob, a group of fans that support and back TS Madison, in person and online, waste no time fending off people with frivolous and hostile energy towards Madison. So she can see the people that love TS Madison also. For her to take time out of her day to show support to this fan base is very caring of her and shows why we love her much. The Maddie mobster Fan Page on Instagram did a question and answer with the infamous Chef Holly. See link below.

Looks like they’re waiting patiently on Chef Holly to return and so are we.

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