Maddie and friends in the Dominican Republic

Hey guys. You know the time has almost come for us to make our way to Punta Cana to spend a fun filled week with the Doll and the Maddie mob.

There have been all sorts of memes floating the internet since the many deaths in Dominican Republic as well as videos of the things going on in Punta Cana. Here are some tips based on the video below.

Try and add ice to your drink. Based on this video, if the alcohol is counterfeit, it will reveal itself before you can consume it.

If after having a few drinks, you feel sickly? Force out the contents by vomiting. This will help push whatever contents off your stomach.

If you still feel sick, see a doctor.

These are just tips from me to you on how to read your body’s signs and trying to stay safe.

Now let’s go turn up in Punta Cana!!

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