Mass Attack Of LGBTQ

Well folks it’s that time of year again where people trying to increase their Adsense checks are jumping on the bandwagon of whatever is hot. Long story short Khia Shamone was scheduled to perform at Pride in Houston, TX but was cancelled at the last minute. Khia claimed she was told the community feared they would be attacked by her. Naturally she blamed TS Madison. Her former friend, Michelle Brown, climbed on board and ran with the story while she misgendered TS Madison and hurled insults her way. As you recall, Michelle and Khia dragged TS Madison into court last year asking the courts for a restraining order and the request was granted; on all 3 of them. Michelle Brown argues that Maddie lost the case when in fact, it was a win for Maddie. The judge ordered all of them to stay away from each other for 12 months. April 9, 2019, the ordered ended.

Michelle Brown, deemed on the YouTube streets as an opportunist, decided she would take this time to reignite a feud with TS Madison over Khia. An internet feud with a transgender celebrity such as TS Madison, born Timothy Hinton, proved to be quite lucrative for her last year. After being attacked by the LGBT community online, Michelle sought the help of a friend, Joshua Lee Carter who she claimed in an earlier video to be gay, to come to her rescue. Meanwhile an old friend of TS Madison, Armon Wiggins, saw an opportunity to increase his revenue via clicks and views by injecting himself into the beef. He sided with the attackers and belittled TS Madison and hurled vicious attacks on her character. As if that wasn’t enough, he called into Khia’s show to show his support for her. While these 2 had never interacted together, they both had something in common; they both accepted TS Madison’s help when they were homeless and she had given them a place to stay.

Other YouTube vloggers joined in on the attack of TS Madison and criticized her negative description of Michelle Brown and her female parts. Why would Madison attack a cisgendered or heterosexual woman’s body parts? She wouldn’t, however, since their attacks were centered around her private parts, in love and war, it’s only fair to follow suit. Madison still has her man parts and it’s rumored that Michelle’s woman’s part exude a foul odor. Many have said this about Michelle and most of them were men. Angelica Ross got word of the attack on Madison and vowed to address the comments in a tweet. Angelica is a member of the LGBT community and an actress on the successful show Pose that was recently renewed for its 3rd season.

Of course, the attackers saw an even bigger opportunity and flanked each other to the Twitter app to slang a hail of insults against Angelica and others who supported Angelica’s tweet. Now there is a Twitter war on top of YouTube beef. There is so much more to this story and I promise to keep you updated. When we return, we will share some of the receipts of the war on transgenders.

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