TQSC 6/25/18

I’m late with my review of the The Queens Supreme Court. This past Monday Messie C was the guest judge on the show and messy he was. He put on his fresh face, makeup and a nice wig with a type of Jersey top over a tank top. He was bright in colors as Madison was in her pink wig.

Messie C actually had a bit much too drank as he was overly dramatic in his usual antics. It was a major turn off to some while others said they really enjoyed the show. Messie C has several things going on and other things not going on as he recently ended his working relationship with Shekinah Jo, allegedly. He never touched on this topic but it’s said that he doesn’t care for authority as shown in the shows production. Messie C overtalked Madison and got off topic on several cases on the ledger.

Overall the aftershow was much better as we were privy to the eye candy that surrounded Madison throughout the night.

We can’t wait until the show returns. Madison has indicated she has a great line up of guests coming on in July. She’s also confirmed that she will be live streaming on YouTube on August 15, 2018. Tune in to enjoy more of the Queens Supreme Court currently live streaming on Facebook and Periscope.

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