It’s getting hot in here…

Well folks when mud turns back into dirt, it’s getting hot in here. The streets are scandalous with rumors and they are rampant. A certain fan page was tagged on a post about the LGBT community and was asked to repost. There are several ways to repost: one way includes leaving the name of the original poster and the other consists of cropping out the poster’s name. Now you would wonder why would a fan tag a fan page regarding reposting to hit the masses when the proper thing to do would be to tag a celebrity member of said community. Well it was reported that after some digging, it was determined that not only was this fan page sought out but it appeared to be a setup to reignite beef between TS Madison and Khia, originally from the Queens Court.

Who in their right mind would want to reignite a beef like that? 🤔 Speculation is pointless but how would the repost rekindle a flame? Let’s take a look at the players. Geisha305 (IG handle) doesn’t care for Trina, Geisha305 doesn’t care for Khia, Geisha305 is cool with Lattie who doesn’t like Trina either, who just happened to be on The Queens Supreme Court last week as a guest of then guest Judge Wuzzam Supacent founder of the Crayon Case. Whew a lot to take in. You can look these people if you don’t know they are. Now Maddie is cool with Trina and I haven’t run across any problems with Lattie being at the chateau but if Maddie fans were to start reposting things from fans that are fans to an enemy of her friend, it could easily be taken as a sub from Maddie. Mind you Maddie booked and busy for the entire year so she doesn’t have time for the mess. But why resurrect that negativity?? Not on my watch!!

I guess we’ll have to watch it unfold.

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