Friends is a term used very loosely. For me, it means a deep connection that cannot be broken by any BS. It means loyalty and faithfulness and a greater understanding and communication that allows the bond to remain tight. Most people introduce everyone as a friend. Why would you choose a friend as a business partner? Friends and business never mix as played out by the dissolution of the QC; TS Madison and Khia. But Madison claimed Khia as a sister but clearly it was a one sided relationship because Khia didn’t feel the same way or she never would have done what she did.

I’ve heard whispers that it really wasn’t Madison Khia was upset with but the source doesn’t want to be involved so we’ll just have to stick with “allegedly.” We’re not going to rehash or reopen any old wounds, but let’s just say the hand was shown but the fans never saw it. It’s hard to spot a traitor whose right in your face. It’s only when you relax and turn your back that you see the real face of the roach.

Being a super fan of any celebrity comes some good and some bad but you would never think the betrayal would come from “inside” your own camp. I simply adore TS Madison. Something in the water smells and I pray that when Madison elevates to another level that she cleans house and gets rid of the riff raff. Experience should show everybody riding in the car won’t get out and push when it stops.

Take care.

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