Whyyyyy Nicki??

Wow! Nicki was gone for a year or more and highly missed by her fans. There were rumors surrounding where she could have been and what she had been up to. Rumors included “…she lost s baby.” and “…she was in rehab for drugs taken for depression…”. We also heard that she needed a break and took some time off. Well, any of those rumors could have been true given Nicki blazed what appeared to be a blunt in the studio while working in Chun-Li as well as taking a swig from what appeared to be alcohol. Now I can’t say I’ve ever seen Nicki partaking in extracurricular activities but if you hang around Lil Wayne or Lil Uzi Vert anything is possible. Since her album has been pushed back to August 10, 2018, what do you think she was actually indulging in at the studio? Whatever it was, it helped give her a hit! Way to go Nicki!

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