Friend or Foe of TS Madison?

There are several you-tubers who support TS Madison then there are some just along for the ride. There is a you-tuber with a handle of JazzMonaee and LadiiMonae who is a transgender also. Jazzmonae hit the scene as someone who had fallen out with Khia and had inside information about her personal life. She was quite excited to share this information as if she was Team Madison. However, it was said that a lot of her information, which she gladly shared on YouTube and IG, was strictly hearsay with no receipts. When the Maddie Mob discovered this, it’s said that they no longer want s to support her for fear she may do the same thing to Madison.

Now you would think she would be very supportive of a sister you-tuber, TS Madison, but from the sound of this IG live, she’s supportive of Madison’s former cohost Khia or maybe rallying a new set of troops?

It’s sad that Madison has so many people around her that support the transphobic comments that Khia spews, but when they’re clout chasing, you should expect anything. I guess wind got back to Khia’s camp about her spilling her tea and she lost her YouTube channel. Now that she has another channel, she’s decided to spill a different flavor tea and not just tea about Khia.

Good luck Jazz!

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