The Queens Supreme Court 5/28/18

Yes we enjoyed another live show last night and it was pretty good. Shekinah Jo was back as a guest judge and she was loud, live and in color as the Supreme Justice TS Madison. Overall it was a great show but I think hey refilled Shekinah’s cup one time too many because she almost became belligerent on the set. It was still fun to watch but when Madison has to grab and hold your hand, one would think you understand you are doing too much.

At any rate, Angela Stanton sponsored last night’s show. If you recall, she was involved with Apollo Nida, ex husband to Phaedra Parks. That’s a story for tomorrow but during the after show , the first thing she did was issued a disclaimer to VH1. She announced current ties to the network and didn’t want any blow back from the topics of the night to impede her relationship with the network. Angela has a book out also.

Madison did a test run on live the day before the show to ensure everything would go smoothly. Looks like she took some advice from a you-tuber who had vlogged a review of the show this past week. S. Hutchinson gave a very good review on the pros and the cons of the show and offered very helpful suggestions. S. Hutchinson was given a shout out by Madison earlier in the month and was immediately attacked online by the opposing team. Funny how they speak negatively about the Maddie Mob who never goes on the offense. I usually always see them on the defense. It seems anyone remotely associated with Madison receives problems from the opposition. I guess that’s what happens when you’re winning.

Stay tuned for the return of Tiffany Pollard next week. It should be very interesting.

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