TS Madison gone from YouTube?

I love hanging out on YouTube and wanted to check out some of Madison’s YouTube cooking videos but I couldn’t find them.  I looked high and low but found nothing.  So I wondered over to Instagram to look at her page for any information regarding what may have happened.  Low and behold, I found a video where she explained that her YouTube channels had been removed.  Come to find out the war between her and Khia had gone way too far.  It is rumored that Michelle Brown had used Madison’s videos, music, etc. to wage war against her.  Michelle referred to Madison as a he and often used his government name knowing he identifies as a woman.  Look it’s no secret that Madison still has certain parts below the belt and she’s said she plans on keeping them.  But for some reason, Michelle can’t get past that part.  So it’s said that a copyright claim was filed against Michelle on YouTube.  Now the fans still don’t know why Michelle decided to inject herself into this beef but she definitely has a reason to stay in the beef.  Views equate to coins in the cyber world and with her blogging and vlogging about Madison and Khia seems to be quite profitable for her.  So now it seems that Michelle has done some filing of her own or has she?  Word on the street is that she sent her cyber goons to report Madison’s videos and get her channel taken down.  Why would she want to do that?  I get that Michelle’s blog talks about a lot of things but I’ve never seen her tear anyone down or belittle them or get into internet beefs so why now?  Could it be that Funky Dineva is friends with Madison and she had to evict and sue Funky?  Michelle vlogged accusing Gio, Madison’s manager, of putting her number online, so is this revenge? Let’s be honest, Michelle appears to be a woman who would call the cops on you before injecting herself into an internet beef so why not file charges on him or did you have evidence that he did anything??  Or could it be she’s upset for not getting the protective order she dragged Madison to court for?

Ok let’s go down the timeline, February Khia left the show and initiated a full assault against Maddie, March, her and her new friend filed a petition asking the court for a protective court order against her, under her government name of course, and the petition was dismissed.img_3418

Please note under IT IS HEREBY ORDERED AND ADJUDGED:  it states “The Court finds that there is insufficient evidence to enter a Protective Order…  Therefore, the Ex Parte Order entered on 3/22/18 is hereby dismissed.”  Now I interpreted that to mean that the judge did not approve their request for a “protective order.”  This type of order can get you locked up if you violate it.  Again, their petition was dismissed which is an L in my opinion because they didn’t get what they went for.  What they did get was a civil restraining order and with this order, if anyone violates it, they have to be taken back to court to get the judge to discipline their actions.  Now you all heard that they won the court case and Madison has to stay away from them but they got an order put on them as well.  And they have to stay away from her.  What makes this court drama so messy is that Madison hasn’t talked about any of them since the fall out but they have had nothing else to talk about but her so where is the real threat??  Michelle even talked about the fact that Madison put up half the order as implied she was trying to hide something or trick her fans into thinking she won the case.  I’m not sure why she felt that way when the order is public record and can be obtained by ANYONE!  But when people play dirty this is what happens.  To be honest, anything after the 2nd paragraph was just additional information because the bottom line was they didn’t get what they went for PERIOD.  The person that didn’t get a summons to court for an order such as this was Shekinah Jo who actually pulled up at the club on Michelle and Khia with her goons. But that’s another story.

Having to watch Madison be bullied because she may have had some dates mixed up or the fact that she hasn’t changed her name is a piss poor excuse to attack someone or jump on the bandwagon of the attackers.  I was under the impression that she teamed up with Khia in order to help her get ahead and move up in the world but it appears to be something else.  Madison is booked and busy and doesn’t have time to deal with anything they have going on so why can’t they leave her alone?  She doesn’t talk about them or anything they got going on but I guess it’s bad blood because she stood up for herself.  “You never can win when you play dirty.” – Nene Leakes

Needless to say that Madison has a new YouTube channel and she is working to restore it with the old videos we love and miss.  Every time Madison goes live, one of the enemies goons comes on her live to let her know that they had her channel removed and this my friend is another source of bullying.  Madison is the one that should be filing petitions especially since she received threats of releasing her phone number and mother’s information out to the public.  Again, another day in the life of a mobster.

Stay tuned.  There is more to come.

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