Cyber bullies in real life

Wow it’s a gloomy day on this Sunday morning. I opened my messages to what it’s like to be harassed and bullied online. Remember the drama between Madison and Khia? As you know, others joined in on the drama and the money made from said drama. The guy in the snap looks like Josh, a good friend of Atlien who works with Khia. img_3441-1

He has vlogged that he never had a YT account. It just so happens after Atlien made a grip from making multiple vlogs per day, a few months back, he claimed he enjoyed the vlog time spent with Atlien, so he decided to create a channel. He, like his friend Atlien, has accused Madison of many things but never revealed any documentation to support these accusations. Below are snaps where viewers are accusing Madison of talking about him and saying negative things about him. No reference of when, where, what, you get the picture.

Joshsuperstar 5.20.18 man man    joshsuperstar 5.20.18    img_3434

These red highlighted viewers seem to create friction. You can even see them clarifying who they are talking about. Man man is a common term used in the comment section of Atlien, Josh and Khia’s posts and videos.  According to these cyber streets, man man is a reference to TS Madison.  So if you ever watch a video, you will notice they refer to Madison as a “he” or “him”.  Madison has always been open and left no secrets in terms of her gender identification.  She identifies as a woman and wishes to be respected as such.  For someone to go against her wishes is disrespectful.

Now in this next picture, notice the name on the blue highlighted viewer.  The face looks eerily similar to Josh’s face and the name is funny as references have been made about Josh resembling Sid.  It’s a cartoon character for those that don’t know.  Google is your best friend.

img_3435       img_3436

Wait, what??  The viewer just attempted to reveal who SidCarter Long is and it looks like they suspect Gio of being the user of this account.  Gio runs Mack Management and is the manager for TS Madison and the former manager of the The Queens Court.  Making allegations such as these with no merit or proof could be considered slander but I’m not a lawyer so these are my opinions and my interpretation of the chain of events surrounding this debacle.  If you attempt to damage ones reputation with slander, that’s a whole different horse and not just the color.  Let’s reserve that conversation for a later date.

This next set of pictures are unbelievable.  Tell me what you see out of ordinary.

img_3439      img_3440  img_3438 Besides all the baiting to argue and fight, I see a viewer using TS Madison’s name to instigate violence.  This is a prime example of why this drama cannot die down.  People creating fake pages for the sole purpose of causing chaos.  You can see one of the viewers explaining to them that it is not the real TS Madison, but where there’s smoke, there’s fire. defines bullying and includes the following characteristics: Bullying includes actions such as making threats, spreading rumors, attacking someone physically or verbally, and excluding someone from a group on purpose.

The only way to end this cyberbeef is NOT to take it to the streets but to take it to court.  I wish all parties the best.









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