Cardi B is backkkk

Cardi returned to IG land today. Her page has been swiped clean and she only has one post as of a few minutes ago. Hopefully she will be able to stay out of the comments and ignore the negativity. Since she hasn’t had the baby yet, she will need to be very careful about what she allows to get her upset.

Nicki is on stage and it’s about get turn s all the way up. It’s scary to say that by the time Cardi has the baby, and returns to the stage, she will have lots to say. Looks almost like they’re going to have beef and Atlantic probably planned it from the jump.

We’ve heard stories about Atlantic pitting them against each other but the pregnancy was not planned and actually hidden from the execs.  By the time Cardi is ready to return to the stage, one would think she would have a different perspective of lfe and motherhood.  Maybe she won’t act the same or talk the same.  But I hope she never loses that fire that she has deep inside.  Cardi B was the under dog but now she’s on top of the world.  I just need her to remember that.


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